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  1. Name: patent of invention
    Reference: 511493
    Issued By: State Intellectual Property Bureau
    Validity Period: 2009-06-17 ~ 2032-06-16
    Range: Patent
    Name: Innovation High-Tech Enterprise
    Reference: GF201133100200
    Issued By: Science and Tech Bureau Fince Bureau Local Tax Bureau National Tax Bureau
    Validity Period: 2012-04-25 ~ 2012-04-25
    Range: Innovation High-Tech Enterprise
    Name: Certificate of Famous Brand in Zhejiang
    Issued By: Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce
    Validity Period: 2010-01-01 ~ 2013-01-01
    Range: Famous Brand
    Name: National Main New Product Certificate
    Reference: 2010GRC22012
    Issued By: Ministry of Science and Tech Environmental Protection Ministry Commerce and Business Buearu Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Buearu
    Validity Period: 2010-05-01 ~ 2013-05-01
    Range: Main New Product for J214
    Name: National Program for Torch Plan
    Reference: 2007GH040337
    Issued By: Torch High Tech Industry Develepment Center of Science and Tech Ministry
    Validity Period: 2007-12-01 ~
    Range: National Program for J214 Machine
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